How It Works

AJP will deliver each secure console to its designated location.

An additional emergency key is given - in the event a document was placed in the console by mistake and needs retrieval.

AJP has a key for the consoles and will empty the ALL-IN-ONE BAG that fits securely in each console into our 65 gallon totes. There is no need to take anything out during the pick-up.

After each console has been emptied, sensitive material will be taken to the truck for shredding - which is done on-site.

Also, a camera is on the truck for viewing of the process.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?


Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

April is very professional and quick to respond with any needs our facility may have. I highly recommend her to any business that may have confidential shredding needs.

Sarah Jones

AJP Shredding is a great company for all your business shredding needs locally owned and customer service is top notch. I would recommend AJP to any business.

Chris McConnell

AJP has provided professional shredding services to Bishop Int'l Airport Authority.  They are very responsive and timely.

Dionn Griffin